I Am Not My Crime – Season 1

You are about to listen to “I am not my crime” – a podcast featuring courageous people telling you the story about the crimes they have committed and their journey to redemption.

As you make your way through this first season you will notice a couple of common themes; the importance of other people, opportunities for employment and being welcomed back into society are what really matter for supporting change and a life lived differently.

I am not my crime has been produced to help you understand that for many people it is their circumstances that led them down the path to offending behaviour and that what somebody has done in the past is not an indication of who they are today.

Episode 4: I Am Not My Crime – Allan

David shares his story about life growing up in the rough neighbourhoods of Sydney, where exposure to drugs and violence early in life was not out of the ordinary and involvement in criminal activity with peers provided a place to belong

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